Carisbrooke Wooden Climbing Frame


If you decide to build it yourself we can offer valuable advice and answer any questions you may have. We believe we are competitive on price but if you find what you want cheaper we will match it.


This is another innovative and exciting design in the Action Climbing Frames range. The Carisbrooke climbing frames introduces a new range of exciting activities not seen in the UK before on any other climbing frame as well as including proven modules from our existing range. The wooden climbing frame combines adventures that will cover all the family from toddler to teenager in fun, safe environment.


The Carisbrooke climbing frames consists of two wooden towers that have an Art Deco feel with a curved wooden roof. Both towers are connected together with our unique wooden tunnel. This can be used to hide, to shelter, to sleep during a warm summer afternoon. Its tunnels provide gateways in every garden Adventure, enlightening the imagination and providing lots of exciting fun and laughter.


Entry to one of the towers is provided by a wide wooden staircase which has been specially designed with steps spaced for little feet and legs. Entry to the other tower has a sturdy ramp attached with rope, steep enough to be great fun for older children but at the same time providing a taxing climb for 2 year olds. The strong 3m (10 feet) green wavy slide makes is the third part of this fun filled climbing frame. For the youngsters there is a wooden sandpit built into the base of one tower, which comes with two seats and is a magnet for creative ideas.


To finish off this ideal climbing frame and the large range of features comes the assault course including an exciting climbing wall with tall scramble net that is joined to one tower by a strong swing arm fitted with two wooden swings. Six quality professional grips lead to the top of the wall with horizontal wooden beams to give extra grip for the less adventurous.

These wooden climbing frames are for domestic use only, please call or email us to discuss our commercial range.

Features of the Carisbrooke Action Climbing Frame


Two wooden towers

Assault course with climbing wall and scramble net

Climbing ramp with rope
Polyhemp ropes for a natural look 
All fittings and bolts galvanised
Curved Wooden roofs 
Wooden tunnel (unique in the UK)
Green 3m wavy Slide 
Wooden sandpit
2 wooden swing seats 
Wooden platform railings
10 year Guarantee against wood rot



Platform Size: Two 0.9m x 0.9m (36" x 36")
Overall Height: 2.85m (112")
Slide Length: 3.0m (118")
Build Time: 8-10 hours, 2 people
Swing Arm Height: 2.65m (104")
Tower Dimensions: Each 0.9m x 0.9m x 2.85m
Platform Access: Wooden stairs + Wooden rungs + Climbing ramp
Platform Height: 1.5m (59")
Overall Dimensions & Length of Swing Arm: 5.24m x L6.80m